How does Emergency Dentistry Help You during Unexpected Oral Accidents?

How does Emergency Dentistry Help You during Unexpected Oral Accidents?

Nov 03, 2021

Dental accidents can happen. You can crack a tooth while biting on hard foods or even have a knocked-out tooth when cycling and falling around the neighborhood. A cracked tooth reaching the pulp chamber is a severe accident, especially if it causes pain and bleeding. You may think a minor crack with some discomfort and bleeding is not a significant issue. However, it helps if you contact emergency dentistry in Shawnee as soon as possible to repair the tooth and restore it without delay.

Whether you have a cracked tooth or a knocked-out tooth, do not consider visiting emergency rooms where the only service they offer is against the wound and not the damage from the accident. However, emergency dentistry can offer both treatments in one facility to prevent the worsening of the issue. In addition, the immediate emergency dental care you receive helps alleviate the pain you experience besides a customized treatment plan on the future course of action.

Examples of Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies can strike in various forms, either from accidents or untreated infections in your mouth. Besides a cracked or knocked out tooth from accidents, you can also develop a toothache late in the evening from an untreated cavity, bleeding from the soft tissues in your mouth due to impacts, a dental abscess resulting from untreated infections, and severe bleeding from your gums due to periodontal disease.

Whatever the emergency you must understand, seeking treatment from the dentist near you than any other professional is the best option to alleviate the pain you experience and perhaps save your tooth. Seeking remedies for medical professionals will not serve the purpose because they neither know dental anatomy nor have the tools necessary for dealing with dental emergencies. Therefore whenever you are affected by any dental issue, the first professional you must call is your regular dentist. If they are unavailable or cannot provide emergency services, you must seek help from emergency dentistry near you to receive the best care necessary.

What Does Emergency Dentistry Do?

When you visit the dentist in Shawnee, KS, they inquire about the problem affecting you and examine your teeth and mouth to evaluate the severity of the condition. Professionals in emergency dentistry determine the best course of action to preserve your tooth and your oral health while providing you relief from the pain with painkillers. Saving your tooth and maintaining your overall health is the primary responsibility of every dentist. Emergency dentistry professionals also accept the responsibility and act appropriately to provide all the help you need to overcome your dental problem.

Why Do You Need a Dental Emergency?

No one ever desires a dental emergency knowing well the kind of problems it heaps upon them. Unfortunately, dental emergencies occur either because of accidents or neglect of appropriate oral care.

When dental emergencies occur due to accidents, they create anxiety and stress, making people fearful of losing their teeth and needing expensive treatments for replacements. Unfortunately, emergencies can also occur and generally do because of improper dental hygiene practices and ignoring any dental issue as insignificant.

For example, toothaches never appear out of the blue and result from cavities that most people tend to ignore, thinking the cavity will heal by itself. For unknown reasons, people fail to realize cavities are permanent damages to their teeth. Instead of healing, the bacteria continue burrowing the tooth until it reaches its core, the dental pulp. Dental pulp infections have merely two remedies. The first is endodontic treatment, and the second is tooth extraction. Therefore when people receive recommendations from the Shawnee dentist to have cavities filled, they mustn’t hesitate to receive treatment immediately because it prevents the need for expensive treatments or tooth replacements.

A knocked-out tooth from an accident is altogether another matter because it is beyond your control. However, if you act promptly to collect the tooth, rinse it in water without scrubbing the roots and get to the nearest emergency dentistry clinic within 30 minutes, your chances of getting the tooth reinserted into its socket brighten.

No one can predict when dental emergencies can occur. However, everyone can remain proactive with their dental hygiene routine brushing twice a day, flossing at least once, and visiting their dental care provider for information on safeguarding themselves from dental emergencies. Dentists evaluate your dental health to create a personalized treatment plan for any issues they detect in your mouth. The dental professional also provides information on how to prevent dental emergencies by taking excellent care of your oral health and preventing injuries from accidents by using a mouth guard as a protective measure over your teeth.

If you encounter unexpected oral accidents, emergency dentistry helps in every way possible to provide relief from the pain and even save your tooth. However, isn’t it better that you prepare yourself for dental emergencies to ensure you take proper care of them whenever they affect you?

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