Is Regular Dental Exam and Cleaning Beneficial for My Teeth?

Is Regular Dental Exam and Cleaning Beneficial for My Teeth?

Mar 01, 2021

It can be inconvenient to visit a dentist. We detest taking time off work or alter all plans to go to the dentist for some of us. However, the inconvenience is worth it.

For those who don’t appreciate a dentist’s presence, it is valuable to understand why teeth cleanings are essential to oral health. Having a dentist cleans your teeth enables tartar and stains to be eliminated from gaps in the teeth that brushes can’t reach.

It would help if you remembered that no matter how often you brush and floss in a day, food particles and plagues will hide in spaces in your teeth. Furthermore, crooked teeth enable more spaces to exist for the hiding of food particles. Therefore, if it has been more than six months since your last visit to the dental chair, we shall show you reasons why teeth cleaning are essential.

Additionally, what to expect at your dental visit.

Physical exam of your mouth

To start your regular dental exam, a dentist will carry out a physical exam of your mouth. During the cleaning, they will search for any indication of injuries to the cavities and gums. Cavities may look black or brown spots, a tiny fracture, or a hole in the middle of the tooth.

The next step is called gum screening. This step helps dentists find gum redness that shows if a gum has any infection within. For example, this step will show if gingivitis is present.

Gingivitis often makes your home more sensitive and swollen.

Remove tartar from teeth.

Tartar forms in the mouth after the plague stays on the teeth for a long time. Hence, when the plague solidifies, it can get so hard that it feels like a hard rock. When it gets to this point, your brush alone can’t get rid of it.

Plague can grow on the tartar. Eventually, it will cause gum disease too. Hence, if you are still thinking,” is regular teeth cleaning beneficial for my teeth?” The answer is yes.

It is crucial to have a dental exam to remove tartar between your teeth, stave off several additional oral health problems. The dentist will make use of the small tool to peel tartar and plaque from your teeth. Often, it is common to have some e in the teeth.

Therefore, you shouldn’t panic when you see them appear on your teeth. If you are sensitive to dental cleaning, request your dentist to use ultrasonic cleaning, which crushes the tartar with vibrations and water.

White teeth

As soon as the tartar and plagues are removed, your dentist will use a tool that drizzle water into your mouth to rinse the hardened particles away. A dentist will use a wand that has suction to eliminate excess water and debris out of your mouth. During this process, your teeth are washed as well.

As the dentist polishes your teeth, any other stain on the teeth is removed too. Next, your dentist will offer to whiten your teeth. They will often use flavored toothpaste, which will give you white teeth that you will be proud of when you look at the mirror.

When you visit your dentist, there are some vital questions you should ask them.

  • How can I whiten my teeth?
  • Will mouthwash be beneficial to my teeth?
  • Is there a gum disease I should be worried about?


When you visit a dentist, you should remember to point out the sensitive part of your teeth or in your mouth.
A regular dental exam is essential to your oral health. So it is time for you to say, “I want to visit the dental office near me,” and make sure it is a regular thing at least every six months.

If you are looking for a dentist to ask questions online, you can visit Dr. Keith Jessop. His top priority is to provide the best possible care to his patients.

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