The Benefits of Same-Day Dentistry and the Downsides

The Benefits of Same-Day Dentistry and the Downsides

Dec 01, 2020

Scheduling dental appointments even for cleanings and exams may be a challenge you may find challenging to overcome. You may fear visiting the dentist because you may require additional dental intervention either to correct cosmetic issues, deficiencies with your dental health or inhibit a degenerative process from progressing.

Planning visits to the dentist’s office to repair a tooth or replace one generally means scheduling multiple appointments by taking time off work for every step of the procedure. It means you need more time to complete any treatment you require. Planning a visit to a cosmetic dentist to correct aesthetic issues waiting for several weeks can be stressful.

Digital Technology in Dentistry Helping to Complete Faster Appointments

The advantage of modern digital technology now makes it possible for you to receive help from same-day dentistry. Digital technology has condensed some dental procedures needing a customized tooth, surfacing materials, or veneers in a single visit. Same-day dentistry receives help from the CAD/CAM in-house manufacturing system. This technology includes accurate digital scanning devices to ensure repair or replacement of existing teeth is completed in one visit.

Same-day dentistry must not be confused with emergency dentistry, although a same-day dentist provides similar services. However, if you need accurately milled and metal-free crowns, inlays and Onlays, or veneers while waiting at the dentist’s office instead of scheduling multiple appointments over a month or more can be a blessing in disguise. If you have lost or are missing teeth for any reason having them replaced by a same-day walk-in dentist will prove incredibly beneficial.

The Benefits of Same-Day Dentistry

If you love visiting a dentist with the most updated technology currently available, you can rest assured you will receive pain-free comfort besides faster recovery and fewer complications. The new technology is bringing incredible benefits to patients. You will find it beneficial when undergoing digital scanning because you do not have to be concerned about goo trays that other methods require. Digital scanning involves less invasive procedures that are faster to perform and more economical without subjecting you to gag reflex. The technology will leave you satisfied to recommend same-day dentistry to everyone.

As a patient requiring dental crowns, you don’t have to worry about temporary tooth caps requiring special care while waiting for the dental laboratory to prepare your final restoration. You can function normally and even have the aesthetic appeal you wanted in one visit.

Digital technology allows the same-day dentist to show you your anticipated results to provide a visualization of how you will look after the procedure. Your communication with the dentist is in real-time, ensuring accuracy and prediction. The improvements considered can be reviewed and modified while you are in the dentist’s chair, helping you become a participating member and contributing to the final results.

The Downsides of Same-Day Dentistry

Same-day dentistry in Shawnee, KS, allows you to have a one-day implant service for missing teeth to replace missing teeth. However, the service does not shorten the time it takes for the implant to integrate with your jawbone. The speed of the technology is of no help when dealing with the body’s timetable when repairing itself.

Your engagement with the dentist during the healing process is critical. Dental implants, if moved during the healing period, will not integrate correctly with the jawbone. The implant requires three to six months for integration. The immediate restoration attached to the implant is often temporary to help you close the gaps in your mouth. You must schedule an appointment for the final repair after the healing is over.

The introduction of same-day dentistry may excite you to believe you can have multiple procedures completed in a single visit. However, not everyone is suitable for same-day dentistry. Every patient is different, and your candidacy is determined by the dentist examining you.

Digital technology is incredibly technique sensitive and requires excellent training and experience on the part of the dentist to provide successful outcomes. However, dentists in the US are staying abreast with the most updated dental technology to offer same-day dentistry to as many patients as they can. Digital technology, including same-day dentistry, can make your dental appointment a positive experience by providing you beautiful results in one visit to the dentist’s office. It would be needless to mention that same-day dentistry also helps save on time and money when undergoing any dental procedure.

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