Tips on Handling and Preventing Dental Emergencies

Tips on Handling and Preventing Dental Emergencies

Nov 01, 2020

Whenever most of us have dental issues, the first call we make goes to our dental practitioners seeking advice on what to do

Have you ever thought about how things would play out if you encountered an oral problem while on holiday or during weekends? If you are caught in such a scenario, you’ll probably have to find a 24-hour dentist who provides emergency dental care. Differentiating an emergency issue from a common one will let you know when your case needs urgent medical attention.

3 Types of Dental Emergencies and Their First- Aid

1.Knocked-out teeth

According to the American Association of Endodontists, acting correctly and quickly can save a knocked-out tooth. Below is what you should do if that happens:

  • Pick it from the ground or wherever it has fallen. When doing so, you mustn’t touch its root.
  • Rinse it carefully without scrubbing.
  • If possible, re-instate your tooth in its socket.
  • If you cannot accomplish the third step, place it inside a glass containing milk and rush to your dentist as soon as you can.

2.Dental abscess

A tooth will develop an abscess when the pus inside it gives rise to an infection. This condition is severe and a potential life-threat, so should you spot it, pay your dentist an urgent visit. It is termed as life-threatening because the infection can spread quickly to one’s jaw and surrounding tissues. An infection outbreak could cause high fever, swollen face, consistent toothache, and tooth sensitivity.

3.Cracked or Chipped Tooth

Most cases that involve chipped teeth are not categorized as dental emergencies. However, people are encouraged to be careful as they chew to avoid further damages.

On the other hand, a fractured or a cracked tooth is presented as a serious oral problem. Such a situation suggests that not only has the damage happened on the outer part, but also the inside. Sometimes when the fractures are too severe, the tooth becomes irredeemable.

Should you find yourself in such a situation, use warm water to rinse your oral cavity and if the pain is too much, find something else to relieve it rather than taking pain killers or numbing gel.

How to Prevent Potential Tooth Injury

There are various actions you can take to protect your teeth from injuries. The first is to avoid chewing on hard substances that can cause your teeth to crack. The second is always to wear oral protective gear when participating in sports or recreational activities. Last but not least, is using your teeth for something other than chewing food.

You can also promote your oral health and lower your planned dental budget by maintaining good oral practices. Such practices include flossing and brushing and going to the dentist for thorough cleaning and examination at least once every six months. Limiting sugary foods and using fluoride rinse or toothpaste also helps promote your oral health.

Fluoride helps lower tooth decay risks by strengthening the tooth’s enamel and rebuilding your teeth mineral, making them stronger.

Tips on Emergency Dentistry

Due to the common occurrence of dental emergencies, it would be a major milestone to know the steps to follow as you wait for treatment.

  • 1. Take deep breathes – Before taking any action, take some time to calm yourself, then take control of your situation. Taking deep breaths will make you calm. Afterward, do some brainstorming to come up with ideas on how you should proceed.
  • 2. Assess the situation – Go someplace where you will be able to see your mouth or tooth. Make a close observation and try to identify the problem. If your tooth has cracked or maybe fallen off, follow the third step.
  • 3. Safely store your tooth – In case your tooth got knocked out, and you have managed to salvage it, keep it somewhere that’s safe and take it with you when you have your next dental appointment.
  • 4. Give your dentist a call – Call your oral care provider once you find out what’s the issue so that they can book an appointment for you to come and get examined. Dental Care Shawnee is among the top-rated oral health clinics in Terrace, Shawnee, offering emergency dental services. Please visit us whenever you have any oral issues. When explaining the occurrence that caused damage to your dental practitioner, try to be as transparent as possible, and share your thoughts about what you think is wrong with you. From here, our walk-in dentist at Shawnee, KS, will give you guidelines on the next steps to take.
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