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Dental Implants in Shawnee, KS

There’s no reason to worry about replacing a missing tooth. At Dental Care Shawnee in Shawnee, KS, we care about our patients always having the latest and best dental options. When it comes to replacing missing teeth, we can provide our patients with dental implants, bridges, and dentures.

The pros and cons of each will be described to you in detail. We’ll also make our recommendation at Dental Care Shawnee based on what we see when examining your mouth. The final decision is yours and should be made based on your priorities. What’s important to us is to avoid the complications of missing teeth.

Complications of Missing Teeth

Some people assume that replacing hind teeth isn’t as important as replacing front teeth. While it’s true that hind teeth won’t show when you smile, they’re still going to affect your smile over time. Teeth aren’t rigid. They can shift depending on the space available to them.

When there’s not enough room in the jaw, teeth can become overcrowded. Alternatively, when teeth have more space, they can start to shift away from each other. That’s what happens when a tooth is lost. Over time, you’ll start to notice increasing gaps between your teeth. Additionally, patients with several missing teeth can have a hard time chewing and speaking. The way the tongue moves is influenced by our teeth. Elderly patients who can’t chew properly are at risk of malnutrition.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are now the most popular and best method of replacing missing teeth. A single implant can only replace one tooth, but patients can get multiple implants. The premise is simple. A titanium screw is implanted into the jaw bone. It’s the foundation on which the artificial tooth will be placed.

The great thing about implants is that they’re the strongest and most durable of the available restorative options. The color of the implant can be adjusted so that it matches the rest of your teeth. The people you see daily won’t be able to tell that you have an artificial tooth in your mouth. You’ll be back to smiling, chewing, and talking without worries.

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