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Is it time for you to go to the dentist for an exam and cleaning? If so, consider going to a family dentistry in Shawnee, KS. Our dentists offer a variety of services to patients of all ages, from children to the elderly. You can rest assured knowing our dentists near you can help with many of the dental issues that people commonly experience.

Who Should Go to a Family Dentist in Shawnee?

Family dentistry practices accept patients of all ages. This is a way to make dental exams and cleanings more convenient for you. You and your children can all go to the same dentist office, making your biannual visits easier.

Plus, your kids won’t have to change dentists when they reach adulthood. If you don’t relocate at some point, you could go to the same dentist for years if you opt for a family dentistry in Shawnee.

What to Expect at a Family Dentistry

At a family dentistry, you can receive all of the same services you would receive at another dentist. You will get biannual cleanings and exams, as well as treatment for any dental issues you may have.

One benefit of going to a family dentist is that our dentists can make you feel at ease, no matter how old you are. Because of our dentists’ experience with a wide range of patients, they are able to provide top-notch to fit your specific needs.

When Should Children Start Going to the Dentist?

Because family dentists can provide care and treatment for people of all ages, you might be wondering when you should start taking your children to the dentist.

Kids should go to the dentist within six months of getting their first teeth. This means that their first exam is around the age of one year.

Our family dentists recommend bringing your child to visit the dentist before their first exam. They can become familiar with the dentist’s office and meet the dentist. This can make the first dental exam easier, as the whole experience won’t be brand new.

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