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Fluoride Treatment in Shawnee, KS

Are you looking for reliable dental treatment near you? Dental Care Shawnee offers a comprehensive range of dental treatments for children and families.

Children tend to be particularly prone to tooth decay as they may not be able to brush correctly like adults. As a result, their teeth become more susceptible to cavities. If left unchecked, cavities can become infected, and the infection can spread to other teeth.

Cavities are treated with root canal treatments, or in extreme cases, the dentist may need to extract the tooth. It’s best to take preventive action early on to minimize the chances of pain and discomfort. Fluoride treatments help reduce the chances of cavities developing and also reverse early decay.

Please contact our dentist near you for details regarding our safe and reliable children’s dental services.

What Parents Should Know About Fluoride Varnish

Strong teeth and healthy gums are not only crucial for oral health but overall wellbeing. We strongly recommend that parents bring their children as soon as their first tooth erupts.

Fluoride treatments can be administered anywhere from 2-4 times per year, depending on the potential risk for cavities developing. Why take chances with your child’s dental and oral health? Our dentist in Shawnee, KS will examine their teeth and gums thoroughly and apply fluoride varnish in a single visit.

Fluoride varnish is pleasantly flavored, and most children like the taste.

Fluoride Varnish Application at Dental Care Shawnee

Fluoride varnish hardens very quickly and prevents children from swallowing the fluoride. Also, varnish contains fluoride in minimal quantities to ensure safety. Your child can clean his or her teeth between 4 to 12 hours after treatment. Our dentist will update you on aftercare hygiene.

The teeth may appear yellowish immediately after treatment but will revert to normal within a few hours or after cleaning. The procedure does not require anesthetic and is painless. We will take care to keep your child comfortable from start to finish.

In case you’re worried about your child developing cavities, please feel free to call or visit Dental Care Shawnee for fluoride treatment in Shawnee, KS.

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