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Children’s Dentistry in Shawnee, KS

Our dental team at Dental Care Shawnee welcomes patients of all ages, including adults and children. Contact us for our affordable, reliable, and effective range of dental care options. 

It’s very important to bring your child from as early as possible. We strongly recommend that parents bring their child to his or her first dental appointment before the age of one. 

Is It Important to Care for Baby Teeth?

Yes, parents should help their children look after baby teeth even though they are eventually replaced by permanent teeth. Lack of care or poor oral hygiene can affect the growth and development of adult teeth and lead to several problems later on.

Here’s why it’s important to look after milk teeth:

  • Baby teeth not only help your child to eat, but they also assist in speaking. Tooth structure and formation affects pronunciation and facial structure. Train your child to brush regularly from an early age.
  • Abnormalities, cavities, and decay can cause permanent teeth to drift into empty spaces and affect alignment and bite. Other baby teeth may also change from their original positions to close the gap.
  • Untreated plaque, gum disease, and infections can seep into the bloodstream and affect overall health. Take your child to the dentist regularly to prevent complications.
  • An infant’s teeth may sometimes fail to erupt completely from under the gums. This may need attention and treatment.

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How Regular Dental Exams Can Help Your Child

Our dentists will evaluate your child’s teeth, gums, neck, jaws, and face for any problems, and our hygienist will clean their teeth thoroughly. In addition, we also offer sealants and fluoride treatments for children.

These treatments help add extra layers of protection against decay and caries. Our specialists also treat children for cavities, crooked teeth, or misaligned teeth. Do not hesitate to ask us questions regarding braces or Invisalign®. Thanks to modern dentistry techniques and safe sedation options, we provide painless dental services for children of all ages.

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